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So, White0wlsuperheroine very kindly tagged me with the "13 people worth mentioning, and why" chain letter.  The epidemiologist in me couldn't resist helping the virus spread. ;)

I'm going with particularly interesting collaborators - people with whom/for whom I've created digital characters.  As I assume this is to be limited to dA'ers, that will leave out some RL collaborators and friends who are not engaged at dA.  That includes some fairly major characters in my design work and gallery, including Lillie, Gabrielle and Karen.  It also omits my single most prominent collaborator, Hammer, who has very significantly influenced the content and design of my work for more than two years.  Hammer's influence is literally everywhere in my gallery.

Fact is, narrowing this list to 13 is actually quite difficult.  I'm leaving people out who I would prefer to leave in.  So, two executive decisions to simplify things at least a little:
1. The person's character/OC/avatar/digital clone has to appear in two or more renders in my gallery.
2. I'm leaving White0wlsuperheroine out of the mix, because this is her fault. ;)  

Thusly, in alphabetical order:

This is the progenitor of the Vanessa Zierrat character who has appeared in several renders.  As happens here at dA, life moves on and so do friends and collaborators, but I miss her long and engaging Notes - just a lovely young woman, and a joy to interact with.  Vanessa's face qualifies as a digital clone, as it was based on multiple photo references; the body morphs was an extrapolation from clothed snapshots.  I really do like the way Vanessa turned out, and hope to render with the character again in the future.

Ahh, my favorite Monegasque model muse. :D  Wonderfully engaging, witty, poised, but with a very earthy sense of humor when she chooses to unleash it.  Her persona just oozes beauty and charm, and I worked very hard to capture that in the character.  In this case, the body, hair and some of the facial shape are based on photo references; the rest of the face was a total guess.  Ohh, there are so many things I can imagine doing with berseh... the digital character!  Sheesh!  You people have such naughty minds... no wonder I like you. ;)

A 100% proudly Polish superheroine.  First, that says something about the power of the Internet, doesn't it.  Second, Ola's work is clever and creative; she's a bit self-deprecating about it, but it's a very unique presentation and a great take on a superheroine-in-peril.  I also like that both Cracovia and her nemesis Grysica are neither classical comic-book superheroines nor boobs-on-a-stick; Grysica in particular has curves, and I think it's brilliant.  I think I discovered Cracoviia via member9, who did a rendition of the characters - so thank you for that!  My version turned into a fun experiment with clothing textures; I learned a lot from it.  

Everyone knows DeDe, don't they? ;)  Seriously, she is about as broadly connected as anyone I've met here.  Many, many artists have had the pleasure of depicting her two OC's, superheroine Curia and the writer's alter ego Denise Miller.  I've depicted both, but mostly Denise.  At one point, Denise was present more than one-fourth of all my gallery images; she was very prominently featured in my first year here at dA.  I'm having a bit of a Denise renaissance right now, having just upgraded and updated the original character for Poser 11 Pro and SuperFly, and now having created a younger model.

The Damsel's Penelope York character is my English rose. :)  She's also the featured player in the longest piece I've attempted here at dA, the regrettably unfinished "Penelope Gets Stuck".  The good news is that I've finally largely resolved the set problems created by migrating to Poser 11 Pro.  The bad news is that my time is largely not my own, and I'm frequently halfway across the country from my design PC.  Keep hope alive, though - I will finish "Stuck", even if I have to modify my approach to pull it off.

Neea is my favorite Finn. :)  She posts photos of herself and her Finnish friends, and challenges viewers to do ASFR manipulations of them.  I took that a step further and did some digital clones from the photos.  Neea, Sophia, and Heidi have all appeared in the gallery.  Sophia in particular bears a fairly close resemblance to the photos.  Neea is definitely a statue fan, but has been creatively open.  If time ever allows, I wouldn't mind bringing a couple more of her friends into the digital realm.

Sticking with Scandinavia, nudejomaha presents mostly artistic and outdoor nude photos of herself.  The photos have a certain authenticity to them that's often lacking, and she has a very real, very lovely figure.  She reminds me strongly of a couple of life models I've worked with who are of similar heritage.  The resulting digital clone was a fair representation of her body; the facial shape is correct, but the details are a guess.  Thanks for allowing me to depict you!  

And then there's Taylor - toned, tanned and 'showing off to the world', as she puts it.  I like confident women, and Taylor absolutely has that covered.  She's beautiful, full stop, but if you also take into account that she and I are roughly age peers... pardon me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. :)  Her photos are unflinchingly explicit, which actually made creating a digital clone feel more challenging; errors are very, very obvious, in that context.  I think I did reasonably well with it.  I'm not exactly sure what to feature Taylor in next, but would love to do more renders with the character - and for Taylor. (If you've got any ideas, Taylor, drop me a Note!)  

Petra586 and zilvara
Okay, so Petra and Zilvy are just one entry, because they're PetraAndZilvy, am I right?  Yin and yang... coffee and cream... ham and eggs... you get the picture. :) I really can't think of one without the other, whether artistically or personally.  I'm proud to say that we've become friends, though we're still collaborators as well.  Lots of Petra and Zilvy renders to choose from in the gallery, so take your pick.  Though we share the same artwork interests, I think the one I'm proudest of was a Canada Day remembrance, because it really embodies the essence of their relationship.  Definitely more to come with these two great people.

I haven't had an opportunity to do a lot of work with/for SirWriter, but perhaps my favorite character design in the last year or more came from our initial collaboration.  Lindsey Nathanson is a young statuephile, and shows it well in the gallery.  Lindsey is a purely dialed character - while I glanced at a few photos from Google along the way, Lindsey is... well, just Lindsey. ;)  I have had more requests for that morph than any other I've created, including the ones available at ShareCG, but Lindsey is SirWriter's and will not be shared.  Sorry.  SirWriter is definitely a writer, by the way - even his comments are erudite, and I always enjoy his Notes.  

Spectra is an OC superheroine.  I was first directed to her by someone who read one of her early stories, which was well done (and quite erotic, in a way that got my attention).  The character was originally designed for Second Life, similar to EnglishDamsel's Penelope York.  That poses interesting challenges, as the appearance of SL characters is not always easy to capture recognizably in Poser.  More to the point with a superheroine is the costume.  It was a challenge to come up with something that gave visual homage to Spectra's SL costume.  I also gave her a bad-ass sci-fi motorbike, because motorbike. (Zoom-zoom)  I've discovered along the way that The-Mighty-Spectra has a sharp sense of humor, and look forward to more opportunities to depict this heroine.

I'm pretty sure it was Euel who first pointed me to StarlightRys, and I'm glad he did.  She's a very charming young woman with a very pretty and distinctive face and utterly arresting eyes (which she's not entirely thrilled with, but nonetheless...).  She's also been delving quite successfully into DAZ Studio.  I did a digital clone based on her photos as an homage, and as a challenge for myself.  That's led to several renders and the change to engage with her a bit, enough to really appreciate her genuineness and artistic generosity.

The Ming-Siu Chai character built for VictorianDemimonde was drawn from a couple of small headshot photos, and from an amalgamation of the body types in Vic's gallery.  Some people on dA are fun to banter with or exchange some art with, but there are a few you meet where you conclude they're someone you'd actually like to know.  Vic is one of those.  Very bright, very creative, and pushes my artistic boundaries in a good way.  Ming-Siu is a dialed character, and the face morph really stretched the limits of the Victoria 4 wireframe.  It was fun to do, and I like the results.  I'm always up for more work with Ming-Siu and for VictorianDemimonde
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